Phuket Governor Narong points mandates on dealing with Covid-19 corpses

Phuket Governor Narong issued a provincial order with four mandates on Wednesday about the means to cope with the dead bodies of Covid-19 victims. Under the table are: 1) It is forbidden to wash the corpse. 2) It is forbidden to make use of injections to treat the corpse. 3) It is forbidden to open the corpse after it has been collected for the funeral. 4) If relations of the deceased wish to bring the physique to a religious ceremony, they want to comply with directions of these working in non secular ceremonies beneath the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
The order itemizing the mandates added that it’s forbidden to do something causing dangerous hygiene, or may spread diseases or endemics. Those who fail to comply with the order can be fined up to a hundred,000 baht, jailed for up to a 12 months, or both.
This month, Phuket health officials have reported forty nine Covid-19 associated deaths. There have been 86 deaths reported in the province because the beginning of this year. In a statement in the order, Governor Narong stated it’s the “medical opinion” that folks should use extra caution when dealing with bodies of folks that have died from Covid-19.
Today, Phuket marks 284 new Covid-19 circumstances, and one death.
SOURCE: The Phuket News | The Phuket News

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