Police say Din Daeng protests will finish by next month

The day by day protests on the Din Daeng intersection will finish by October, says the Bangkok Metropolitan Police Bureau. The police didn’t specify how the protests would finish.
The day by day demonstrations have been held since last month. They have been organised by locals, who name themselves “ThaluGas”, as nicely as protests by Ratsadorn Taliban, and Ramkhamhaeng for Democracy. There have been quite a few violent skirmishes with police. The Thalugas, which implies “mob that goes by way of tear gas,” allegedly threw ping pong bombs at police, recently. Prior to the bomb incident, a protester was shot in the neck and fell into a coma.
The bureau also claims the protesters are liable for a automobile accident that occurred last week, which contradicts the narrative on social media that it was the police who had been accountable. Bangkok’s deputy police chief, Piya Tawichai says that a demonstrator had run in entrance of a automobile, which is why the accident occurred. Later, Refund used a water cannon to extinguish the hearth the automotive accident caused..

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