Shanghai businesswoman blackmailed by youthful lover after online dating turns sour

In a case of deception and on-line blackmail, a forty five yr previous woman from Shanghai discovered herself sufferer to a younger man who exploited her wealth and love. The lady, Zhang, a successful businesswoman, was drawn into a web-based relationship with the young man, before discovering his true intentions.
Zhang’s success in her profession came about at a very younger age, together with her household supporting her in establishing a thriving enterprise. However, she has skilled much less success in her love life, one thing she hoped to treatment. Upon listening to online relationship had gained immense recognition, she decided to explore this avenue, opening herself to an entirely new community of potential suitors.
A important variety of males initiated contact instantly, but upon studying Zhang’s real age, most showed little interest in taking things further. Only one, a younger man named Dong, 21 years younger, continued the dialog and even flattered Zhang with compliments, claiming she appeared younger for her age.
Throughout Login required -line interactions, Dong reassured Zhang that he was drawn to older girls. Believing they shared a deep connection, Zhang revealed every little thing about her life, from household situations to her perspective on life. Finally, Dong expressed his feelings brazenly, proposing the date. Zhang, swept off her ft by Dong’s proposal of a first-time expertise for her, agreed to become his girlfriend with out giving much thought to their age difference.
They met in individual, Dong behaving seemingly completely – he was handsome, educated, charming and well-mannered. After their date, they took their relationship to a bodily level.
After a few encounters, Zhang started to note red flags about Dong’s actual character and intent. Dong filmed their intimate moments and used them to online blackmail Zhang, asking for money. When Zhang threatened to report him to the police, Dong retorted by threatening to ruin her status by disclosing the tapes on-line, reported Sanook.
Despite her fear and rage, Zhang had the conviction to report Dong to the police, which led to his arrest. Dong confessed to his online blackmail actions, admitting he had deliberate to bilk wealthy ladies out of their money by way of on-line dating as a form of retaliation against his ex-girlfriend with whom he had a seven 12 months relationship..

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