UKRAINE UPDATES: Zelensky says EU acted late, pleads for membership; Nato sends battalions to eastern Europe

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its second month, here’s the latest headlines…

• World leaders have been holding a spherical of emergency summits in Brussels. NATO, the European Council and the G7 are reportedly looking for to unify their response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The US has announced new sanctions on Russia, as well as assistance for Ukrainian refugees.
• In a late-night video address to the EU Council in Brussels, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Europe for uniting in their help for Ukraine and outlined Russia’s destruction of his country.
• He then informed European leaders they’d acted too late in stopping Russia. He mentioned that by not sanctioning Moscow and blocking the Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline earlier, Europe was “a little too late” to cease Russia’s invasion. He claimed that “Russia wouldn’t have created a gas crisis” if that they had acted sooner.
ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ have utilized sanctions. We are grateful. These are powerful steps. But it was a little late… there was an opportunity.”

• Notably, Zelensky did not repeat his request for a no-fly zone, but known as for better air defenses and further navy help. He additionally pleaded for his country’s entry into the EU, asking neighbouring nations to approve Ukraine’s request to affix union.
“Here I ask you: do not be late.”

• Speaking to the G7, Zelensky implored member nations to impose a “full embargo” on commerce with Russia, as properly as ensure safety guarantees for Ukraine.
• Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden says Nato has never been more united. He describing this as the alternative of what President Putin anticipated. He additionally informed world leaders in that the US would “respond” if Russia uses chemical or organic weapons in Ukraine.
“The single most essential factor if for us to stay unified, and the world proceed to give consideration to what a brute this man [Putin] is, and all the harmless peoples’ lives are being lost and ruined, and what’s occurring. That’s the necessary thing.”

“But look, if you’re Putin, and also you think that Europe is going to crack, in a month or six weeks or two months, why not… they can take something for another month. But we now have to reveal — the explanation I requested for the assembly — we now have to remain fully, totally, totally united.”

• At the Nato summit, Biden introduced new sanctions on Russian politicians as nicely as a plan to simply accept up to a hundred,000 refugees within the US. He additionally stated he was in favour of removing Russia from the G20, which is scheduled to meet in November.
• Also at the emergency summit, Nato’s Jens Stoltenberg stated four new battlegroups are being be sent to allies Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.
• European fuel prices have continued to soar, after Moscow insisted that future deliveries of Russian gas be paid for in ruble. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister urged Europe to ignore the request.
• According to a US official, Ukrainian military is pushing back Russian forces round Kyiv. The Russians at the moment are taking over defensive positions northwest of the capital, a month after their invasion of Ukraine.
• The Ukrainian Navy has stated it destroyed massive Russian vessel and broken two others in the occupied port of Berdyansk on the Azov Sea close to the besieged metropolis of Mariupol.
• Officials say Russia and Ukraine held their first formal prisoner swap since the struggle started.
• Intense combat continues in round Kyiv. Ukrainian forces have retaken territory to the east of the capital, where they’ve pushed again Russian forces.
• Meanwhile, Russian forces proceed their assault on the port metropolis of Mariupol, the place native leaders say they want artillery and anti-tank missiles.
• In Kharkiv, six people had been killed when a missile hit a shopping center car parking zone, where civilians had lined up inside to obtain humanitarian help.
• Elsewhere, the council deputy of Izyum says Russian artillery and aircraft has “completely destroyed” his city.
• According to the UN, the civilian demise toll in Ukraine has exceeded 1,000. They warn that “the precise figures are significantly larger.” They reported that casualties were attributable to explosives, similar to missiles and air strikes. Of the confirmed casualties, 90 are youngsters.
• Meanwhile, the UN estimates that extra 3.6 million people have fled Ukraine for the reason that invasion started one month ago. The majority of people have reportedly fled to neighboring Poland..

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