Woman who cut security rope of staff offers feeble excuse

People have been shocked with the continuing story of employees doing repairs on the surface of a condo building in Nonthaburi on October 12 when their security ropes had been reduce, leaving them dangling 26 floors above the street beneath until they have been luckily rescued. Now the girl who stands accused of cutting the rope of the employees has allegedly confessed and offered a feeble excuse as to why she did it.
Blacklisted whose life was at risk had said that he saw a well-dressed woman reach out the window several stories under and reduce the road, stranding the 2 Burmese employees who were then unable to lift themselves to the roof or decrease themselves to the road beneath safely. Luckily a couple on the 26th ground noticed the dangling staff, who opened their doors and helped them in.
Police introduced simply 2 days later that they’d enough proof to try the lady accused of chopping the rope that left the employees dangling after doing a forensic investigation on the rope.
The woman at first denied any involvement in the crime, but police offered her with forensic evidence, witness accounts, and CCTV footage, all that allegedly implicated her as the culprit.
She then allegedly confessed and said that the explanation she committed the crime that would have killed the Burmese workers was easy: she was aggravated by the employees outside her window.
She said that the condo’s management had did not notify her of the upkeep work and that when she saw 2 males hanging outdoors her window it scared her and disturbed her. Apparently, she minimize the rope out of annoyance on the inconvenience of the employees outside her window.
She has now been charged with inflicting the loss of assets in addition to tried homicide..

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